Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire The Company?
Our standard package is listed on the "Weddings" page. However, factors (venue, distance, lighting options, popularity of date, etc.) may cause your final cost to be lower or higher. Please contact us for a conversation and a precise quote.  

How much is required to secure our date?
We normally ask for a first payment of $1000 to secure your date.

Can I hear the band before I book?
Yes, please!  You should always hear ANY band before you hire. We do have some demo songs online, but it's best if you come and see us! The Company maintains an active schedule at select upscale venues in Cincinnati.
          Remember, there’s more to a band than just musical talent. Lighting, interaction, movement, energy – all of these are important to a good show.  Check our schedule, then come out and see us.  We bet you'll dance.

What music do you provide for the cocktail hour and dinner?
Normally, we provide a diverse, upbeat Spotify playlist that includes everything from Sinatra to Sade. If you prefer, live instrumental dinner music can be provided, at an additional cost.

How often do you take breaks?
Only once a night.  This band likes to play! We prefer one short break between our two high-energy 90 minute sets to keep the momentum on the dance floor. And even during the break, we have a playlist of the best dance tunes that can be customized for your crowd to keep the party going.

Will the band play longer if the party is still going?
Yes. If it’s allowed by the venue, the band is willing to go a little longer. For standard contracts, it’s $500 for each 30 min increment over the contracted end time.  Some upgrades may affect this rate.

How much control do I have over what the band plays?
A lot.  Feel free to help us narrow down our list of songs! We love them all, and it’s hard to pick the 45 or so songs you’re going to hear in one night. We are happy to learn one additional song for your event at no cost, provided it’s a great dance song that fits our sound. And certainly, if there are songs you don’t want, we are happy to skip those. It's your party.

Does The Company travel?
We do.  Honestly, we prefer to stay in town. But travel outside of Cincinnati is still possible if you’re serious about bringing The Company to your reception. Contact us for more information.

Will the band provide a master of ceremonies for the evening?
Yes. We can be as involved as you like in the management of your evening. We'll announce the bridal party, dances, cake cutting, and whatever else you need. Remember that many wedding itineraries end up behind schedule by the time the band plays. We’re happy to help you move things along so that you get what you’re paying for, musically.

What if someone in the band is sick?
We have a deep and talented pool of Cincinnati musicians who love to sub with this band. On the rare occasion that one of our regular performers is unavailable, there is always another talented musician who can step in. You won’t even notice!

How does the band dress?
Our standard wedding attire is an all-black, classy look. If you'd like to see something else, let us know.  We will work with you.

Revised 02/20/17
tCo at 20th Century Theater

tCo at 20th Century Theater

Wedding setup with lighting upgrade

Wedding setup with lighting upgrade

Dancing to The Company at a wedding at
Great American Ball Park

Dancing to The Company at a wedding at Great American Ball Park